Meet Optiscorer      


Optiscorer performs optimal scoring on your data.

You can easily score your data with OptiScorer and sort by the criteria you want.

OptiScorer makes use of your historical data so that you can score and sort data. The machine learning environment we present uses past data as train data. So you can easily score any data you have with OptiScorer. We offer products that will help you in your decision support process based on the results we calculated.


Areas Of Usage


It can be used in every area where your data is available based on your operator’s needs. Some examples:



Human Resources: You can find out whether a former employee who already has the same features as someone you just hired and the new hiree will quit the job or not by scoring them with Optiscorer.


Finance: If you want to access financial products, you can score credit risk among your customers. While borrowers who will fail to pay will place at the bottom of the list, those who are not at all risk are in the upper ranks.


Marketing: It is possible to find out which categories of customers are most likely to buy products, as well as which ads are most attracting attention for a product, or which channels or applications in the advertising industry generate more revenue can be scored.


With a risk score to be made for your company, all you have to do is load your past data on that topic. Optiscorer will use this data for machine learning the and will give you results in a short amount of time.


Customer Relations: Scores your customers for sustainable customer relationships using past events. Therefore you can see which customers are more important for your company.



Service: You can learn which services you offer are more liked or disliked by your customers or your employees by scoring.


Risk: You can score the risk of any event occurring or not. For example, you can easily find out about the risk of someone with car insurance having an accident or someone with life insurance getting sick by scoring with Optiscorer.


Quality: Companies are making a huge effort to protect and improve the quality of the advertisements they make or products. With Optiscorer you can score the quality of your services. Therefore you can analyze what you can improve for the better by seeing your deficiencies.


Reputation: With the developing world, learning about corporate reputation is becoming increasingly critical. Successful corporate reputation management helps you understand your company’s trends and perceptions. Optiscorer puts your reputation at the forefront by scoring your company data.



Ways Of Using Optiscorer



Usage 1:


You can download our application and use it on your own computers. Therefore you do not have to share your data with us.


Usage 2:


You can use it on our online platform. You can use our scoring software by uploading your data on Optiscorer wwww.adres). The only thing to note here is that your data is uploaded in the correct format. This way, Optiscorer can easily offer you the scoring and sorting results through machine learning algorithms.




Optiscorer Packets



Packet 1:


Download and use/Install and use package: Only the annual license fee is paid, and the application can be downloaded and used on the data or the data can be uploaded on the web and the application is run.


Annual license fee: $ 150



Package 2:


Package 1 + Installation package: One of our specialists installs a customized version for your customized company data. The installation is usually completed in one day and a fee of $ 300 is charged. There may be additional extensions for installation in complicated situations. It is also expected that the permission to access your data and the technical details have been specified during installation.


Package 2 total fee: $ 50 per year license + $ 300 per day installation fee.



Package 3:


Customized development: This packet identifies specific problems for you, analyzes your data and develops customized statistical and machine learning models tailored to you. The results are produced specifically for you and the error rates are much lower. In addition, many problems that your business needs solutions for can be solved at the same time.


For packet 3 price please contact with us.